disinfection, industrial cleaning and biological hazard removal

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We empower workers

… so they are able to keep our work space safe and clean. These workers work long irregular hours. They need footwear for specific circumstances; at a chemical plant or a hospital, but also in food processing and offices. Those people deserve protection and comfort throughout their shift. 


Specialized and safety boots for industrial cleaning and disinfection work:


Dunlop Purofort Cleaning

Top of the line safety boot for cleaning industry

  • Lightweight and excellent fit for ease of movement and less foot fatigue
  • Highest SRC rated slip resistant outsole, to keep work safe even under time pressure and on wet and slippery floors
  • Purofort material specifically formulated for outstanding chloride bleach resistance of industrial cleaning detergents


Dunlop Acifort Hazguard

Ultimate protection when working with chemicals

  • Specialty PVC compound for heavy duty aggressive and corrosive chemicals
  • Chemical resistance even to the most strongest industrial cleaning detergents
  • Durable, easy to clean and waterproof to avoid any cross contamination


Dunlop Protomastor Safety

Functional safety work boot for everyday use 

  • Durable and economic choice for all general disinfection jobs with low aggressive detergents
  • Waterproof and safety toe cap
  • Unisex fit and wide size range offers good comfort to all wearers

Why working together with Dunlop?

To our customers the Makers and Doers of the world

We know that your products help keep you and your workforce safe every day and know that we are working tirelessly to keep our team safe and be able to continue to supply you the protection and comfort you deserve.