Dunlop Planet Promise

Dunlop Protective Footwear has been protecting the makers and doers for the last 130 years. We pledge to protect the earth beyond the boot through innovation and sustainable production on a journey to a circular value chain for the next 130 years.

End User Promise

  • Dunlop’s sustainability initiatives will allow end users to repurpose their end of life products into new energy or products
  • To use long lasting durable materials to help reduce product replacement waste
  • Dunlop innovative Reboot program supports corporate customers in achieving their sustainability goals

Internal Promise

  • To primarily produce near to the markets we serve and increase our use of sustainable energy to reduce our carbon footprint
  • To innovate new materials that exceed global safety standards and lower our eco-cost
  • To relentlessly pursue a circular product Lifecyle and supply chain 

Partner Promise

  • Responsibly source sustainable materials to reduce our environmental impact
  • Commit to R &D partnerships to innovate new sustainable materials aimed to lower our environmental impact
  • Work with our sales partners to create a circular product lifecycle