Dunlops Principles and Values

At Dunlop our success has always been driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation and making sure we empower the end user and our team to get the job done safely.
We are very excited to take our next steps in the companies’ growth and innovation journey beyond the boot with new customer sustainable programs and services to limit their carbon footprint as we always work to become a fully circular company.

Our Principles, Values & Behaviors


We are a Purpose driven Company

  • Everything we do is done to enable end-users 
  • Our products offer end-users superior quality
  • We lead by example as the innovation leader


As Individuals we demonstrate Ownership

  • We have a growth mindset and learn from mistakes
  • We are response-able for our actions 
  • We take pride in our work


As a Team we Collaborate

  • We ask questions to learn from each other - listen, and build on each other
  • We listen and collaborate with each other to grow - by trying new things and learn from the results
  • We celebrate our accomplishments together - by acknowledging successes and sharing best practice