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6 familiar construction errors for any builder

We all suffer from a lack of concentration, time pressure, or miscalculations from time to time. Sometimes these issues can be easily rectified, but for construction professionals it can often be a little more complicated. After all, faulty constructions are not very easy to rebuild - as the following six errors make clear. 

5 tips on working safely in construction

Whether it's bumping your head or dropping a piece of concrete on your foot, there's always a potential accident lurking around the corner in the construction industry. Accidents often happen because of the rush to get things done, while at other times it is due to laziness prevailing over safety. The following tips will help you on your way to working safely.


4 tips on workwear for the construction industry

Life in the construction trade is not always easy. You are exposed to both the heat and the cold, and there is always a potential danger lurking around the corner. Good workwear helps make your work safer and more pleasant. We have come up with 4 tips especially for you and your new workwear, helping you always stay well prepared.  

5 ideas to help you get through a traffic jam

The end of your working day is in sight. You hop in the work van with your colleagues for the drive home, but the minute you hit the road, it's the same old story: traffic jams. You might as well make the most of it - swearing at the other cars won't make a difference. These 5 ideas will help you through the traffic jam!



9 Things You’ll Recognise when Working in Someone’s Home

Your trade is fantastic; not just the work, but the perks that go with it. If a house has to be fixed up, no problem! And you’ll even already have a bit of a tan in the spring because you work outside a lot. But, unfortunately, every silver lining has its cloud. Play builder’s bingo with these nine all too familiar things when working in someone’s home! 


3 of the Most Common Complaints in the Building Industry 

Working in the construction industry is a terrific job, but it can mean hard physical work, which can lead to aches and pains or other problems. Will you be able to work until you’re 67? Or even longer? We have listed the most common physical complaints in the construction industry below, so that you know precisely what you should be prepared for.


Working Comfortably in the Building Industry 

Do you sometimes look forward to relaxing on the settee after work before you’ve even started? It’s not always easy in the construction industry: rain, sore feet, grouchy workmates and long days. But fear not! With these tips you’ll feel just as comfortable at work as at home.


6 Tips for a Healthy Lunch

A well-filled lunch box is the foundation of a good work day. But as a builder, what do you need to get through the day without getting hungry or having an afternoon ‘dip’? And just as important, what do you need to keep your strength up? 


Choose the right boot 

How do you choose the right boot for your employees? What should you consider? We have drawn up a white paper which sets out precisely what you should consider when choosing a professional work boot.

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