Keep your feet warm in Dunlop® agri boots

No more cold feet

When you work in cold and wet conditions, you want your feet to stay warm. And when it’s hot outside, you don’t want your feet to get sweaty. Dunlop Purofort boots are made of an innovative foam that keeps your feet warm in winter, and cool in summer. So much more comfortable than other boots!

How does this excellent thermal insulation work?

It works just like a thermos flask. The air bubbles in the Purofort material keep the cold and the heat out, so your feet have a constant temperature. Traditional rubber on the other hand is a solid material. Rubber transports cold and heat right through your boot, making your feet cold or sweaty. 

Hubert Helvig

Hesse, France

"For me, insulated boots are important, because we have to work in a humid environment all year round. These Purofort boots are very comfortable. When it is hot, you're not too warm. And in winter, when it's cold, I'm not getting cold feet."

No more cold feet in Dunlop agri boots 

Protection against cold goes down to -20°C for the Professional, Outlander and Purofort+ models. The Thermo+ will protect you even when it is -50 degrees Celsius. No more cold feet in Dunlop agri boots!

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Dunlop Purofort Outlander has a Vibram XS Work outsole, that:

  • Has a special toe area for grip and safe landing
  • Has large channels for fluid dispersion and self-cleaning
  • Offers torsion control ladder grip for best in class slip resistance
  • Has large outside lugs for extra stability

Learn more about the Vibram XS Work outsole