For farmers who want long-lasting agri boots

Longer lasting

For you as a farmer, your boots must be able to stand up to a little rough. Dunlop Purofort is more cut resistant and abrasion resistant than any other material. That is why a Dunlop Purofort boot will last 2 to 3 times longer than a rubber or PVC boot.

Why do Dunlop boots last longer?

Sharp objects like barb don’t cut through Purofort so quickly because it is so flexible. And the compound of the outsole is extra strong, so the wear is considerably less than with rubber boots.

Andy Jeffery

Farrington Gurney, United Kingdom

"To have the right bit of kit to do a particular job is very important. That goes from a tractor, you know, the top end, to what you wear on your body and what you wear on your feet. So I’m very happy with my new Dunlop® wellies."

Agri boots with long-lasting outsoles

You can choose between 4 different types of Dunlop Purofort boots with very different outsoles. The Professional is good for all-round work, Purofort+ features an extra sole-insert to make it more stable and strong and the Thermo+ will last for many winters. Our newest innovation in the agri range is the Outlander with a vibram outsole. Designed for outdoor comfort and all terrain performance.

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Dunlop Purofort® Outlander has a Vibram XS Work outsole, that:

  • Has a special toe area for grip and safe landing
  • Has large channels for fluid dispersion and self-cleaning
  • Offers torsion control ladder grip for best in class slip resistance
  • Has large outside lugs for extra stability

Learn more about the Vibram XS Work outsole