The unique Dunlop® material

Long-lasting comfort

Purofort® is the unique Dunlop® material with millions of evenly distributed air pockets making it lightweight and thermally insulating plus a cross-linked structure that provides flexibility and strength. Purofort guarantees you long-lasting comfort.


Purofort is a unique material, developed by Dunlop in 1980. It has millions of evenly distributed air pockets, making your boots extremely lightweight and thermally insulating. The cross-linked structure provides flexibility and strength. Watch the movie to see how Purofort gives you long-lasting comfort. But be warned: once you’ve tried on Purofort boots, you’ll never want another boot again.

Millions of air pockets providing comfort

Purofort contains millions of air pockets. Because they are mixed under high pressure, they are evenly distributed. This is quite unique, as Dunlop is the only boots manufacturer in the world that uses high pressure technology to produce its boots. And it’s very beneficial for you: thanks to the evenly distributed air pockets, Purofort provides extreme thermal insulation, keeping your feet warm in the coldest conditions. And because air and solid material are optimally mixed, Purofort is lightweight and comfortable.

Optimal life span due to molecular structure

Purofort is extremely flexible and cut resistant, due to its molecular structure. This structure contains hard and soft blocks. The hard blocks make your boot resistant to cuts and abrasion, giving them a longer lifespan. The soft blocks allow for a thinner shaft which increases flexibility and comfort.

The secret Dunlop recipe

Purofort is a unique material. It has a secret recipe, only known to Dunlop. For each type of Purofort boot, a specific recipe is created in the Dunlop lab. The ingredients depend on the application and the required properties of the boot.
Purofort Ring

The Dunlop ring

You can recognize a real Purofort boot by the Dunlop Purofort Ring. It’s not only a distinguishing brand feature, directly showing the quality of your boots to the world, but you can also use it to hang your boots to dry or bind them together after your shift.