Global Safety Standards

Guarding your safety

Your safety is key. Working in extreme conditions asks for maximum protection. And while Dunlop® boots are globally recognized by their extremely high level of comfort, protection is not something you should recognize. It should just be there. You should be able to trust your boots, to rely upon them in whatever circumstance.


Protection in every environment

Dunlop® Protective Footwear seeks to ensure the safety and protection of the workers in professional environments. Because every environment presents different conditions and dangers, we create products that offer the best protection for each sector: whether it’s the food sector where sole grip and insulation against cold are the most important features, or the agricultural sector where boots have to offer protection against mud, manure and heavy hooves.

Certification for boots

The boots that we supply are manufactured entirely to international standards.

For Europe, the Dunlop boots comply with the latest European standards.

  • EN ISO 20345:2011. Specifications for safety footwear for professional use equipped with toe protection. This standard stipulates the basic and additional requirements for safety footwear for professional use. This also includes methods to protect you from injuries as a result of potential accidents in the environment for which the boots are designed.
  • EN ISO 20347:2012. Specifications for work footwear for professional use. These boots do not feature toe protection.

For the American market, Dunlop® boots are tested in accordance with the ASTM standard.

Dunlop boots for the Canadian market are tested and certified in accordance with the CSA provisions.

And for the Australian market in accordance with the Australian standard: AS/NZ 2210.

Safety Standards

Leading independent test institutes

Dunlop works with leading, independent external institutes such as TÜV Rheinland, HSL, ASTM, CSA, SATRA, SAI and CTCP. This ensures us that our boots meet the highest certification standards. And it ensures you that you get the safety you deserve.