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Whether you work in the garden, do little chores around the house or walk your dog, you want your feet to be warm, dry and protected. Dunlop® offers a wide range of leisure and outdoor boots for young and old, for summer and winter in a variety of styles and colors. Which boot suits you best?


In winter time you want extra protection from the cold. Warm feet are a must! The Blizzard range for kids and adults features a warm, fur lining and special lacing to keep you and your kids extra warm and comfortable. And safe as well, as the extra traction outsole layer prevents you from slipping on wet or icy roads. 
Winter kids
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You want your boots to keep your feet dry. They should be 100% waterproof. But you also want your feet to be comfortable, so you can walk, work or play the whole day long. Since a man’s foot differs from a woman’s foot and the foot of a little kid, Dunlop adapted the design of her boots to the needs of its user.  The last of our various boots is therefore adapted to the shape and contours of the feet of children, men and women, aged to 2 to 102. Which boot suits you best?


Nothing is more personal than choosing your favorite color. Some like pink, other like blue. How about you? Do you stick to the traditional green boot, or do you dare to stand out from the crowd with our bright new colors? 
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