Oil, Gas & Mining

Unsurpassed protection in the most dangerous work circumstances

Exploration of natural resources involves many functions and industries. But it doesn’t matter whether you work on the fields, in a mine or on an oil rig: you need to get the comfort and protection you deserve to do your job right. Good boots are a basic requirement for you. Dunlop® offers a range of high-quality boots meeting your needs. Find out which boots suit you best.


Being safe is priority number one, but comfort is also extremely important when you’re walking and squatting all day long. Dunlop Purofort® boots are lightweight and flexible, preventing your feet from getting tired and giving you freedom of movement. Get yourself the comfort you deserve.


Your boots have to withstand very special circumstances. Invert mud and other substances wear your boots out very quickly. The combination of Purofort with Vibram® technology offers you a highly resistant boot that’s also very easy to clean, so you can be sure that your boots have a long life span. Check out the benefits of Purofort boots.
Expander on ladder
Reliance slippery surface


Working on oil rigs and in the fields can be very dangerous. Uneven, oily surfaces, heavy equipment and falling objects pose multiple risks on you. Only the Vibram outsoles, especially developed for Dunlop, prevent sufficiently against slip and uneven surfaces. Combined with steel toes and midsoles, Dunlop boots offer you the protection you deserve.