Agriculture & Fishery

Comfort and protection in agriculture

Working in the agricultural sector or in commercial fishing means long hours in cold, wet and dirty conditions. You always risk slipping, falling or getting injured. Reliable footwear prevents you from getting hurt and has a huge impact on your well-being. Very important when you’re in your boots seven days a week! Dunlop® has a wide assortment of protective boots for farm work, to give you the comfort and safety you deserve. 


Being in your boots seven days a week, all day long and in heavy conditions, requires good footwear. Your feet should feel fine after a long day of hard working! In the last 35 years, our Purofort® boots have been providing comfort to farmers across the world. They are lightweight, insulated against the cold and they offer a very good fit, preventing your feet from getting tired.

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Running a farm means looking critically at what you spend on your equipment. It has to be top quality but also durable for a good life span. Dunlop boots are strong, durable and tear-resistant. Dunlop Purofort lasts up to 3 times longer than traditional PVC or rubber boots, thereby saving you money on your total boot spend.


Do you work with livestock? Or with heavy materials for working the field? Keep your feet safe with Dunlop boots, offering a full range of safety features. For extra protection, all of our Purofort and Acifort® boots are resistant to manure and various chemicals and solvents. We also offer hygiene solutions in order to minimize the risk of infection in cattle farms. Our professional boots are the perfect solution for all activities around the farm: livestock care, milking, ploughing, harvesting and growing activities.

Comfort and protection on deck


Are you a professional fisher? Do you make long days on slippery decks, using sharp tools in the mess of blood, fat and oils? Your work is tough, the risk of an injury is high and keeping you or your crewmen safe, warm and dry can be quite a challenge. Dunlop has developed a special range of Fishery boots, especially for you. Lightweight, insulating down to -50⁰C, with a steel toecap and midsole and resistant to blood, acids, oils, fats and chemicals. Find out more about Dunlop’s Fishery range.