Purofort® boots outperform rubber boots

Boots with long lasting comfort

In the early 1980s, Dunlop® reinvented rubber and produced its first Purofort® boots. Purofort boots are longer lasting and are proven to be more comfortable. Worldwide over 10 million people are wearing these unique boots every day.

Increased durability

Compared to rubber, Purofort boots are much stronger. This is tested by stretching the material until the snapping point. Purofort boots are 50% stronger than rubber boots. In addition, Purofort boots are proven to show less abrasion compared to rubber. Because of that, they are offering long lasting comfort and are an excellent value.

Outstanding comfort

In order to offer you maximum comfort, we are continuously gathering customer feedback via wear trials. These wear trials are showing us that people working in all kinds of environments value our Purofort® boots as being the most comfortable. This is caused by the fit, low weight and insulating properties of our boots.

Dunlop boots are valued as being the most comfortable boots on the market. End-users from different countries are confirming this as a fact. 

“Purofort+ boots are the only boots not giving me any back injuries”

– Han Jansen, The Netherlands.


“Purofort Thermo+ boots are very warm in cold Finnish winters. I had to get used of the round outsole but now I wear them all day. Dirt gets away better than with a normal boot”

– Juhani Korkiamäki, Finland


No more tired feet

Are you experiencing tired feet after a long day work? Our Purofort® boots that are comprised of millions of evenly distributed air bubbles are the solution for your problem. Purofort boots weigh up to 2.2LBs less than normal rubber boots. Thanks to this lightweight and supple material your feet will be fresher after a long day work.


“Purofort FoodPro boots are as lightweight as my sneakers”

– Amalia Corral, Spain