The Dunlop 'PUT TO THE TEST' campaign

Are you ready to join our next adventure?

At Dunlop® we want to provide farmers and other seasoned professionals with the protection and comfort they deserve. During the next ‘Boot Season’ from August to April, we are going to remind farmers that they are challengers of their environment and that Dunlop® Purofort® boots are there to support them every step of the way!

The campaign

During the campaign period we will utilize every online tool at our disposal to activate farmers and drive them to your stores, ready to be converted into loyal Dunlop customers. For this final step we will need your support to convert shoppers into buyers. We set up a shopper contest and created a variety of Point-of-Sale materials that will help you activate the campaign in-store. These promotional materials are available as free digital files, free starter packs or as paid premium materials.

More information? Download the campaign booklet here or contact us by email:

Download campaign booklet





As an extra motivation for supporting the campaign, retailers with five or more participating customers will also be eligible to win a fully catered ‘Put to the Test Winter BBQ’ for 20 employees!

Stimulate in-store sales with our new campaign and POS material

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