Rugged work boots for comfort and protection

Rugged work boots for hard workers

Do you work in construction? You ask a lot of your body and feet every day. You stand and walk from early in the morning to late in the evening. In the burning sun, icy cold or pouring rain. Whether you're walking on concrete or through mud: your feet need to stay dry and well protected. A pair of sturdy works boots is therefore indispensable. But they must be rugged.

Rugged rigger-style design

Work boots must offer you comfort and protection. But they also need to look good. You want a trendy boot with a rugged look. A boot that can take a beating but still looks good. One that protects your feet and ankles and is easy to maintain, because you don't have the time or inclination to do so after a long day at work. The trendy rigger-style boots from Dunlop®, which have won several design awards, offer all of this.

The comfort of a work shoe with the safety of a boot

If you're working all day long, you need shoes that are moulded to your feet. With a perfect fit, so that your feet are well supported. Flexible, so that they adapt to you when you walk or crouch down. Insulating, so that your feet stay warm in winter and do not sweat in summer. And lightweight, so you don't carry around unnecessary weight on your feet. 
Dunlop makes boots from the unique Purofort® material. This material gives your boots the comfort of a work shoe but with the protection of a professional work boot. Watch the Purofort clip to see how this is possible.

The benefits of Purofort®

Purofit boots are lighter, sturdier, insulate much better and last longer than boots made of other materials, such as rubber, PVC and PU. We have set out the benefits of Purofort in the tables below. This makes it clear that Purofort is lighter than most other boots but also more flexible and very well insulating. But you should really try them for yourself. You can easily order the rugged rigger-style boots in our webshop. But be warned: once you've worn Purofort boots, nothing else will do.