Protect your employees

Protect your employees against risks

Protecting your employees. This is one of your most important tasks as a contractor or health & safety manager in construction and/or industry. Your people work long days, at places where they can be hit by falling objects or sharp protruding objects, where they can slip, trip or fall on wet or uneven terrain. You can protect them against these risks with the right work boots.

Good protection leads to lower costs

Good boots not only protect your employees, they also protect your company from unnecessary high costs. By protecting your employees against various hazards, you will have to deal with less absenteeism, which in turn saves you costs. Protecting your people with the right footwear is one of the best investments you can make.

Dunlop® boots offer protection and comfort

Dunlop is a global leader in the field of safety boots. Our boots offer the best possible protection and the greatest  comfort thanks to their unique Purofort® material. Purofort boots are light, flexible and fit extremely well. The user is our top priority; we tailor our boots completely to the user's needs. A road layer has different needs to a labourer or a bricklayer. We have developed a wide range of work boots for industry and construction. 

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Choose the right boot 

How do you choose the right boot for your employees? What should you consider? We have drawn up a white paper which sets out precisely what you should consider when choosing a professional work boot.

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