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As a worker in industry, you are faced with varying surfaces, harsh weather conditions and hazardous materials. Your work means a lot of physical movement and you might slip, trip or have sharp objects and nasty chemicals impact you. To do your job the best you can, you need the best boots. Boots that protect you against every hazard in every specific challenge you face. And boots that prevent your feet from getting tired, wet or cold. Boots that look fashionable too, yes please. How safe and comfortable are your feet?

working as a contractor or health & safety manager in construction or industry?

Protect your employees against risks

New: Dunlop® chemical-resistant boots

When working with hazardous chemicals, 'standard' safety shoes do not offer sufficient protection. However, our chemical-resistant safety boots offer the perfect solution. In addition to basic safety features such as slip resistance, water resistance and a protected toe and midsole, these boots are particularly notable for their resistance to certain liquids and gases. Dunlop® chemical-resistant boots; the Heavy Duty, HazGuard® and HazGuard® Ultra models offer the protection your employees need.

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Your work means a lot of physical movement all day, every day. You walk and squat on varying surfaces and in varying weather conditions, asking a lot of your body and feet. Your footwear should therefore be lightweight and flexible with a good fit, while keeping your feet warm and dry. Giving you the comfort you need to get the job well done. 


You want your boots to give you safety and comfort, but you want them to look fashionable as well. Dunlop® boots are designed to impress, reflecting a high-tech, modern touch and feel so you can express your personality. And their design makes them very easy to clean. Which boot looks best on you?

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Your work is never the same and you’re exposed to many different hazards. Chemicals might impact you, heavy objects may drop, sharp objects may protrude and you may slip on wet or uneven terrain. Your boots should protect you against every hazard and every specific challenge you face. 

Are you a contractor employing workers? Then you probably know that the right protection means higher productivity thanks to higher worker availability and more self-confident workers, as well as cost savings due to lower health & safety related costs. Protecting your workers with the right footwear is the best investment you can make.