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Segment-oriented safety boots

Boot manufacturers don't need magic powers to produce boots in different colours and to make the different segments visibly distinct. The real challenge lies in developing safety boots for the specific working conditions and possible dangers in each area of usage, which vary not by colour but by performance.

Dunlop® Protective Footwear design, develop and produce all their workplace safety boots in-house and as such can influence all processes from the outset. At our in-house laboratories and test centres, engineer teams are always working on new boot designs, making them even lighter as well as more flexible, non-slip and durable. Yet it's not just the visible features that make Dunlop boots a segment solution. The real difference is hidden within. The material composition of each Dunlop boot is based upon a formula specifically developed for the intended purpose. This makes the boot ideally suited as a safety boot for agriculture, construction, the oil and gas industries, mining or the food processing industry. Read more about our segment-oriented work safety boots below.