Purofort® outperforms basic Polyurethane

Best in class PU boots, we call it Purofort®

Purofort® boots are the best in class Polyurethane boots. On all important aspects Purofort outperforms basic Polyurethane. This is caused by a lot of reasons, the two most important ones can be found in the production of the boots. High pressure mixing and a special recipe.

Better on all aspects

Purofort boots outperform basic PU boots on all aspects. Laboratory testing shows clear differences in weight, insulation properties, flexibility and strength of both materials.


“In the Alps the requirements for a safety boot are high: thermal insulation, durability and fit. Purofort is our first choice since it meets the requirements perfectly”

- Bernhard Nemcic, Austria 

A unique production process

Purofort® is produced by using high pressure injection to mix the different materials. The injection pressure for Purofort boots is 200bars compared with 1bar for basic PU boots. Injecting the material with a higher pressure leads to the fact that air bubbles are evenly distributed. These evenly distributed air bubbles are one of the reasons that Purofort outperforms basic polyurethane on all aspects. 

In addition to the high pressure injection, Dunlop optimizes the compound of every single boot. While manufacturers of basic PU are sourcing all their materials, Dunlop produces its own. By doing so we are able to optimize our compounds for use in every individual environment. Food processing boots should be excellent in hygienic properties, agricultural boots need to be resistant for animal feces and our Thermo+ boots are the best insulating boots you can get.